Coalition for Culturally Appropriate Response and Enrollment Services

The mission of CCARES is to provide and advocate for culturally responsive healthcare navigation and enrollment services for the uninsured and underinsured.

Vision: We believe that everyone deserves equal access to high quality, affordable healthcare.

CCARES is a culturally responsive Application Assistance and SHOP site under the Connect for Health Colorado Insurance Marketplace. CCARES also provides comprehensive, culturally and linguistically responsive access to public healthcare programs including Medicaid, CHP+, and Medicare.

To learn more about the new Colorado Health Insurance Marketplace, please call:

1-888 SI SALUD, (1-888-747-2583) Español

303-953-5940 English

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Use this link as a guide to what you need to apply for coverage:


ENTRA (Everyone Needs Tender, Respectful Attention) Program: ENTRA is our Public Health Benefits Navigation Service. ENTRA is a Certified Application Assistance Site (CAAS), a Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) site, and a Presumptive Eligibility (PE) site that enrolls and educates potential participants and recipients; disseminates information and provides comprehensive, culturally and linguistically appropriate access to public healthcare programs including Medicaid, CHP+, and Medicare. ENTRA continues to expand enrollment of clients in need of public healthcare coverage assistance programs, client advocacy and case management to Indigent, Disadvantaged, Under/ Unemployed, Underserved/Un-served, Families and Senior Citizens. Over the 2011-2012 fiscal year, while continuing to build a new service area, ENTRA served 1,585 Clients and enrolled 113 Clients in Medicaid/CHP+.

The ENTRA program offers the following services:

  • Bilingual information sessions open to the community and partnering agencies.
  • Case management that works to ensure participants have complete public healthcare coverage enrollment and to identify gaps in service.
  • Outreach at public events and health fairs to provide Information about access to public healthcare coverage.

For any questions about enrollment please contact CCARES at: 303-953-5940 or any of our Health Coverage Guides at