Project Description

Our HELP staff work to provide culturally and linguistically relevant information through presentations, education and enrollment to the English and Spanish-speaking Latino/Chicano communities throughout the Denver metro area and Southern Colorado. We work in a variety of health areas through community engagement, media, enrollment, navigations, and education. Our efforts include the Ventanilla de Salud at the Mexican Consulate to connect individuals with medical resources and care, insurance enrollment and Health First Colorado assistance in multiple locations, health education in various topics through a Promotora led model in Southern Colorado, as well as advocacy and advocacy training to the Latinx population.     For appointment call 303.953.5940

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Ventanilla de Salud (VDS)

Medical Case Management (MCM) is the provision of a range of client-centered activities focused on improving health outcomes in support of the HIV Care Continuum. MCM activities focus on increasing clients’ knowledge of HIV, goal-setting, and maintaining access to medical care, insurance, and medication assistance programs for HIV treatment. Other areas of assistance consist of assisting clients to obtain other resources to a cohesive system of qualified HIV-related providers. The program’s goals are to assist clients to understand and self-manage their physical and emotional health as well as their overall well-being, while minimizing barriers that may negatively affect their ability to adhere to medical care and treatment. Through MCM, clients may be eligible for financial assistance, food bank assistance, and other resources to meet their needs.

Health Insurance Enrollment

Our Enrollment Specialists are certified to assist all community in the insurance enrollment process through Health First Colorado (Medicaid) and the Connect for Health Colorado Marketplace. We can also help connect you with insurance brokers who can assist with Medicare Advantage plans and off the marketplace enrollment. Call us at 303.953.5940 or use the tool below to find other assistors near you.

Health Literacy

Aside from enrollment assistance, our skilled staff can also provide health insurance literacy to help you understand your insurance options and how to utilize them. Having a deep understanding of how to utilize your health benefits also ensures that you seek the correct type of care. As part of our Health Literacy efforts we discuss preventive care, which is medical care to help you stay healthy, as well as the importance of medical homes. We can help you find a medical home that serves you and works with your insurance, or that has a sliding scale.  Guia de Salud coming soon!

Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

Through a strong Promotora led model, our Diabetes Prevention Program provides evidence-based education, boot camps to promote physical activity, and referrals to medical services. Programs include child obesity prevention, advocacy training, referrals to resources, and case management.

Health Promotions

Our staff can help you educate members in your community on a variety of health topics; don’t hesitate to contact us. We also participate in community events, health fairs, and resource fairs to engage community about the variety of programming at Servicios de La Raza. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for promotion of a variety of events that Servicios will attend.

Community-Based Participatory Research

This is an emerging program for Servicios de La Raza in which we are constantly seeking partnerships to bring the Latino voice and experience to clinical research.  If you are interested in learning about opportunities you could be connected with as a participant, please email us at


HILDA GONZALES Program Manager
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