Project Description

The VISTAS program provides culturally responsive services to English and Spanish-speaking victims of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and general crime. Through our service model, the following resources are available for victims: 24-hour crisis hot line, case management, mental health, legal/victim advocacy, education, referrals and legal representation to victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault, and general crime victims. The VISTAS program serves victims from across Colorado.

Our team is prepared to be with a victim in crisis for anywhere from a day to multiple years. There are no timelines to our services. We understand the value of being with a client during the transition from crisis to thriving and support them along that path.

The VISTAS team understands how important it is to keep victims and their families safe and thriving. Victimization is not something a person must go through alone; it is a community issue that we continue to fight for the voiceless. Our crisis line is available 24 hours a day for victims and providers to access in times of crisis across Colorado at 303.953.5930.

For additional information on the VISTAS program, please contact Silvia Gamboa at 303.953.5950 or .

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Case Management

Victims are provided with case management, resources, referrals, crisis counseling, assistance filing a police report, address confidentiality, application assistance, applying for victim compensation, relocation, safety planning, and various support groups. Extensive case management is available for those who need us to meet them where they are.

Legal Victim Services

Victims are assisted with court accompaniment for moral support, assistance with divorce, child custody, and protection orders paperwork. Victims are provided with linkage to affordable and reliable health insurance and medical providers for health care, assistance navigating the benefit acquisition programs, and free HIV/STI testing. We provide linkage to immigration attorneys, guidance and education around immigration benefits to victims. We also provide DACA T-VISA, U-Visa and VAWA application assistance.

24-Hour Crisis Line

The VISTAS program offers a 24- hours crisis line for victims and providers to access in times of crisis across Colorado. You may reach our crisis line at 303.953.5930.

Internship Opportunities:

The VISTAS program offers internship opportunities for bachelor and masters level students in social work and human services programs. We require a 6-month minimum commitment for internships. Please contact us at to inquire about internship opportunities.