Project Description

Our WAGEES program offers supportive services and mentoring to adult men and women who are reintegrating into society after incarceration. WAGEES offers a variety of resources across the community to help parolees complete parole successfully and gain the skills necessary to not return to prison. WAGEES staff attends parole orientation at the Denver and Englewood parole offices to meet with potential participants the first week of being released.

Mentorship is a critical aspect of the WAGEES program. Each participant is different and case managers work with them one on one to make sure goals and progress are in line with long-term success.

WAGEES is an incentive-based program, incentives include

  • $25.00 Gift Card once placed in employment/or completion of a short-term training program
  • $50.00 Gift Card for retaining a job for 90 days
  • $50.00 For completion of pre-apprenticeship program

Our staff believes that everyone deserves a hand up after incarceration regardless of what they have done or where they have come from. This empathic case management approach comes from the staff’s direct experience with incarceration and/or incarcerated family members.  There is a non-judgmental approach to case management and case managers will help identify goals to help participants achieve success.

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Job Development

Case managers will assist participants with building their resumes, by utilizing their skills they had before incarceration or skills learned while incarcerated. Will help them with interviewing skills, writing a letter of explanation and link them to hiring employers.

Job Training and Certification Support

With the high demand for skills trade, participants are highly recommended to take advantage of training available to them. We will provide resources for free training, ie. STEP and Denver Works, but will also assist with the cost of training for those serious about advancing their skill sets. We encourage all sorts of training from Flaggers, forklift, trades, barber, culinary, CDL. Ect.

Documentation acquisition

Having proper documents are vital to a successful parole and we will assist with obtaining driver’s license, birth certificates, and social security cards.

Transportation assistance

We will assist with bus tickets to help participants look for employment, and once employed we will offer transportation assistance weekly if on the bus and monthly if the participant has their own vehicle.

Shelter assistance

We understand the importance of stable housing and know the struggles participant face with the housing crisis. We strive to help participants find stable housing and do our best to avoid shelters but if the need does arise we will assist with.

Basic Needs Assistance

  • Clothing/hygiene/food (ARC voucher, clothing closets, food baskets)
  • Work clothes and tools – We want to aid in the basic needs of clients to ensure they are set up for long-term success with their employment. Work tools and clothes are provided once employment verification is received.


JENNIFER ROYBALProgram Coordinator
ITZEL GONZALEZProgram Coordinator