Our Approach

The Behavioral Health Department is a specialized clinic providing culturally and linguistically responsive English and Spanish outpatient mental health and substance misuse services to underserved and uninsured populations. Our goal is to support a thriving community in which all members have the opportunities and support to achieve self-sufficiency and lead a healthy quality of life.

Behavioral Health staff recognize the broader social and political factors that underlie issues experienced by communities of color and operate from an integrative theoretical framework, allowing for flexibility of clinical approaches depending on client need and receptivity. Our integrative framework includes theoretical orientations such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Feminist, Anti-oppression, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Motivational Interviewing, Person-centered, Family Systems, Psychodynamic and Trauma-Informed Care.


Internship Opportunities

The Behavioral Health Department offers a rigorous internship experience to undergraduate and master level students enrolled in a counseling, social work or human service program.  

Servicios de La Raza is an approved field placement site for undergraduate and graduate programs across Colorado. Please contact your internship placement office to see if your program qualifies.

Graduate Program Internship Track

  • Attend mandatory training and orientation days
  • Average of 20 hours per week
  • Minimum 9-month commitment
  • Ability to schedule clients at least one evening per week
  • One hour of individual supervision per week
  • Professional attitude and positive energy
  • Participate in agency-wide events

Behavioral Health Staff

Neva Martinez Ortega, MA, LPC

Behavioral Health Co-Director, Therapist

Rick Thompson, LSW, LAC

Behavioral Health Co-Director, Bilingual Behavioral Health Therapist

Anaísa Lúa, MA, LPC

Bilingual Therapist MA, LPC

Katie Barajas, MA, LPC

Mental Health Therapist, LPCC

Eryka Rodriguez, MSW Candidate

Bilingual Behavioral Health Therapist & Internship Coordinator

Bianca Muñoz, LCSW, LAC

Client Services Manager, Bilingual Behavioral Health Therapist

José Palacios-Casillas

Youth Services Coordinator

Gladys Aispuro Salas

BA, Behavioral Health Case Manager

Brenda Serrano

Billing Coordinator

Amairani Alamillo

Behavioral Health Therapist

Austin Seaver, MA LPCC

Behavioral Health Therapist

Vera Kirkconnell Godoy, MA, LPCC

Bilingual Behavioral Health Therapist

Jennifer Campuzano MA, LPCC

Bilingual Behavioral Health Therapist

Diana Gutierrez, MA, LPCC

Bilingual Therapist

Ryan Hobert

State Opioid Response Peer Specialist

Fred Hill

Peer Specialist

Alejandra Rivera-Lopez

Clinical Case Manager

Ana Ortega Romero

Bilingual Case Manager, Pueblo

Ruben Carrion

Peer Specialist

Adriana Zuno, MA LPCC

Behavioral Health Therapist

Yvonne Garcia

Bilingual Case Manager

Rosa Zavala

Case Manager

Orlando Rodriguez

Pueblo Behavioral Health Therapist

Mariela Castillo Garcia

Clinical Case Manager

Monse Jimenez Diaz

LRYL Coordinator, Youth Engagement Specialist

Cayla Chambers MA, LPCC, R-DMT

Behavioral Health Therapist

Aaron Shenassa, M.A. LPCC

Behavioral Health Therapist

Lily Rodriguez

Youth Engagement Specialist

DeJesus Ferguson

Youth Engagement Specialist

Hector Porras

Case Manager

Jonathan Perez

Community Navigator

Diana Arecci

Behavioral Health Therapist

Jennifer Lopez

Behavioral Health Therapist

Lizbeth Martinez, MSW, SWC

Behavioral Health Therapist

Ruth Lemus Gutierrez

Community Navigator

Ivonne Marquez-Cota

Bilingual BH Case Manager

Eric Andalon

Peer Specialist

Diana Ibarra Loera

Clinical Case Manager

Internship Testimonials

“The staff is a whole-hearted, devoted team that authentically cares for and is passionate about working with diverse, vulnerable populations, social justice, and human dignity. My supervisor surpassed my expectations, created a learning environment that helped me develop my professional identity and values, and was always available to help interns navigate the ups and downs of the profession. The knowledge and skills that I gained made this experience challenging, transformational, and meaningful and will stay with me for the rest of my professional life.”

-MA Candidate, Regis University 2020-2021

“Servicios offered an opportunity to work with a diverse group of clients in a supportive and thoughtful environment. They provided an experience where I was able to do therapy work in a variety of settings. Most importantly they are doing good work in the community which was very important to me. This experience was enriching and incredibly important to my development as a counselor in training.”

-M.A. Candidate, University of Denver 2021

“My internship experience at Servicios De La Raza was one that I will carry close to my heart for many years. These clients are folks who are often overseen due to the lack of Spanish speaking therapists and Servicios does everything possible to reach these people and provide resources. I felt that it was a mutual appreciation- all of my clients were extremely thankful for having such great services and I was so appreciative for clients to allow me into their world.”

– MA Candidate, Regis University 2019-2020

 “I experienced incredible personal and professional growth during my internship with the Behavioral Health team at Servicios de la Raza. I am grateful for the clinical experience I gained and the support I received during this time”

– Regis University, 2019-2020

More Information

Please call the behavioral health inquiry and support line at 720.410.7108 to connect with a member of the behavioral health team.

For DUI services, please contact Rick Thompson at 720.370.0339 or rickt@serviciosdelaraza.org.