The VISTAS (Victims in Safe Transition and Self-Sufficiency) program offers comprehensive support to victims of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and general crime, catering to both English and Spanish speakers.

Our services encompass a wide range of resources, including a 24-hour crisis hotline, case management, mental health support, legal advocacy, educational programs, referrals, and legal representation. We extend these services to victims statewide in Colorado.

The dedicated VISTAS team stands ready to assist victims through their journey of healing, whether it spans a single day or multiple years. We prioritize the individual needs of each client, recognizing that there are no set timelines for recovery. Our commitment is unwavering as we guide victims from crisis to empowerment.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of victims and their families is paramount to us. We firmly believe that victimization is not a solitary experience but a community concern that demands collective action. Our 24-hour crisis line remains accessible to victims and service providers alike, providing immediate support across Colorado at 303.953.5950.

For further details about the VISTAS program, please reach out to Sylvia Ramos Gamboa at 303.953.5950 or via email at


Victim Services Staff

Sylvia Ramos Gamboa

Program Director

Elen Ojeda

Program Manager

Jose Pereyra-Faudoa

Program Coordinator, DVHRT Advocate

Jessica Bañuelos

General Crime Case Manager

Eric Martinson


Alex McCready


Alya Diaz

Case Manager

Ailed Sanchez-Morales

victim Advocate

Jesse Gamboa

Case Manager

Alexandra Ramirez

Case Manager

Alejandro Raidi Rios

Case Manager

Hector Bustamente

Case Manager


LR came to Servicios De La Raza asking for help when she found out her daughter was sexually assaulted. Servicios De La Raza assisted Laura and her daughter with therapy thru Blue Bench; they gave her support and guidance as well as Christmas gifts. When Laura came to ask for help at Servicios De La Raza, her daughter did not want to be alone in public because she was afraid and she would be paranoid about seeing the man who sexually assaulted her in the streets but now she feels free, she goes out by herself, there is more peace at the moment and her daughter is happier. Laura stated that because of the therapy she received she feels mentally stronger and has told her daughter that she can talk to her about anything. Laura did mention that her struggles are not being depressed and not thinking about what happened to her daughter. “I came to Servicios De La Raza knocking the door and they opened the door. I asked for help and they gave me help. I recommend that women and children should not stay quiet, they should speak up. In my family it is like a chain of abuse and I want to cut the chain and break the cycle”