As of February 2021, Colorado’s unemployment rate is at 6.6%; compared to the national unemployment rate at 6.2%. The CBEO projects Colorado will regain 40,500 jobs (1.5%) in 2021, while minimum wage remains at $12.32. Servicios de La Raza’s Employment Growth Program (EGP) aims to help clients overcome a myriad barriers to break generational poverty. 

EGP assists clients in searching for and maintaining sustainable employment with a diverse network of employers from different industries, including, but not limited to software development, construction, and non-profit work. Clients have the opportunity to explore multiple career options, engaging them at a much higher level of interest. The EGP team assists clients with resume building, elevator pitches, mock interviews, budgeting, job search, maintaining employment, and overcoming barriers in general.

Servicios De La Raza Employment Growth Program’s (EGP) goal is to reduce the barriers that many of our clients face in the workforce, including clients involved in the judicial system. Using online assessment tools, we help job seekers by identifying appropriate career prospects, and then assisting

From there we assist the client with any application process, which includes updating or building resumes. We assist the client with filling out and sending applications. If there is any testing required by an employer to help the client prepare to ensure success. EGP also helps find educational opportunities that might help clients retain higher-paying employment or a preferable position. This can be through a union, apprenticeship, or trade school.

We work directly with recruiters and employers to help give access and priority to our clients. This gives us the opportunity to refer clients directly. EGP assists individuals in preparedness with interviews, building work relationships, identifying key strengths that employers seek, and maintaining healthy work habits. The objective of EGP is to assist individuals in finding, obtaining, and maintaining employment. Due to COVID-19, we also offer these services remotely, through virtual job fairs, online applications, and customer meetings over the phone and Zoom.

Servicios de La Raza’s Financial Empowerment Program (FEP) provides personal coaching to help assure that  individuals reach their financial goals. Our objective is to help community members develop financial security. We assist interested persons in opening bank accounts, saving for the future, changing spending habits, increasing their credit score, and/or getting out of debt. We work with clients to create a plan that will help them feel empowered rather than overwhelmed.


Employment & Financial Coaching Staff

Lucas Sweeney

Director of Workforce Development

Tiffany Galvan

Program Coordinator

Juan ‘Franco’ Orellana

Case Manager

Lidia Diaz-Espinoza

Financial Coach

Jennifer Pereyra-Corona

Case Manager, Financial Empowerment Program

Alexis Martinez

Employment Specialist

Leo Barron

Case Manager

Gabe Charboneau

Case Manager, Pueblo office

Vicente Martinez Ortega

Case Manager, Pueblo

Edgardo Morales

Case Manager

Anthony Salazar

Employment Case Manager - Adams County